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Use this site to check plus ones. Our plus one checker uses real time Google statistics to get an accurate count of how many pls ones your site has. You can enter multiple Urls and get data on all submitted addresses all at one time easily. Feel free to share this tool among your friends and associates. It will remain free always.

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Introduction to Google Plus One

Google has introduced the Google+1 button, but do you know what it really is? Google +1 is a like button that you can put on your website. When someone visits your website and likes your company, your services, or your website they can click the Google +1 button to like your website. The Google +1 button is beneficial in many ways.

At the same time that Google is launching its own social network, Google+, they've also begun a +1 system. The +1 button was released last March and has since become widespread. The two are not to be confused because they're completely different matters, despite their positive similarities. Google+ is another social media website like Facebook, MySpace, and so many others. The +1 button that's been popping up on various websites is more of a worldwide web liking system, similar to the "like" button on Facebook. By clicking +1 on something, it's like saying, "Hey, this is cool, check it out."

A +1 site can be shared. The system works in that you sign into your Google account and simply click the button. Then friends and family who are viewing your profile can see everything you've marked approved via the +1. Your +1s may even show up while they're searching for something on Google to let them know that it's worth checking out. It makes sharing great websites easier than ever. If you'd rather keep it to yourself, however, the +1 page is customizable so that it can be made private.

How to Get Started With Google +1's

If you have a website, the comes in four different sizes (the largest of which is 60 pixels) that you can place on your website. It's a simple HTML code, but it does have some customization available, language, for example. The button can be seen by anyone signed into their Google account on a modern browser. It currently isn't viewable on mobile devices in Google searches, but may be seen on the websites themselves.

The +1 button is a great way for website owners and viewers to share about it. It adds to a website's overall traffic by increasing the attraction when people see that many others have +1 the site. It makes it easier for viewers to share their favorite websites without having to send out mass e-mails. All in all, it's a fantastic idea on the part of Google that is bound to for continued success.